JJ Delivery Service Co.,Ltd. is a new innovative concept of order
online. You can order food from our kitchen as well as other cool
products. We also provide call-center to take your order.

JJ Delivery Services own kitchen cooks all time favorites
Thai food & Japanese food, which guarantee great taste,
healthful, sanitary & fast delivery. Our food bare in mind
"a better health" concept so no MSG or what we
know as the Chinese syndrome.
    Great taste Sanitary and Cleanliness Healthful Food & High Nutrient
    Best Service Delivery On time
    Secure Network (reliability)
    And No MSG
Now! You can enjoy, Japanese curry rice with deep fried pork (Tongkatsu),
Grilled salmon with Teriyaki sauce on rice or Shrimp tempura on rice
at the tip of your finger just by clicking our menu.

Time is precious for a modern life in a big city likes Bangkok. Crowds, traffic,
and rush hour are there at least 3 times daily (mostly all day).
Mealtime in a big city can be like a little racing game where you
need to rush to get your food and find the seat. Dinner can
be a drag because you are exhausted from work beside
grocery shopping and doing the dishes! The modern life style
now longing for fast delivery food of course with great taste.
JJ Delivery aims at our best known great taste common Thai food
and enhanced it into a network of modern Thai fast delivery
dishes at an international standard of service efficiency and cleanliness.

JJ Delivery
Thong Lor branch open 10 A.M. to 9 P.M.

Our system enable you as an end user (buyer)
to be able to manage intensive shopping and placing
order daily from 10 A.M. to 8.45 P.M. There are 2 easy ways to choose from.

Call our Operator 02-712-3000

JJ Delivery Service is expanding and we are recruiting new people
to join our forces. We provide delivery, Buffet, Mealbox,
Executive lunch set, Snack box, Coffee break and Pinto services.

We are opening for position below.

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